Too Many Links.

Design Shack recently revealed their list “Best and Worst: 50 U.S. State Websites”

Official state websites often have terrible design and are not user friendly.  This is true of a lot of .gov websites, I suppose.  However, there are quite a few well designed websites on the list.

Some common features of the top 10 websites:

  • large, engaging photos
  • a prominently-featured search box
  • simple, clean menus

I’m not surprised that Texas, Washington and Wisconsin were ranked among the worst.  These sites are frustrating to use and quite cluttered.

Of course, thinking about the course design of any state, county or municipality website reminds me of this clip from Portlandia, where the Mayor of Portland proclaims that Portland’s website is the best official city website out there and “Seattle’s is the worst…Too many links.”


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