Useful Guide to Web 2.0 Tools

An eLearning leader at a nearby community college shared a page on this wonderful site, the Learning 2.0 Module Archive.

This quick, handy reference gives straightforward information, tips, and activities for getting started with different Web 2.0 tools.  The site seems to be aimed at public libraries or librarians-to-be, which is not surprising considering it was created by a Transformative Technologies class at San Jose State University’s School of Library & Information Science.

Although this site doesn’t quite approach the tools from an educational technology perspective, I’ll probably be using this as a starting point for future technology training and faculty development events.  I especially like the suggested exercises for each tool.  Here’s an example page covering one of my desert island tech tools, Screencast-O-Matic:

Best of all, the site is licensed under a Creative Commons license 🙂

I hope this site lives on in some form after the class ends.  During my MSIS program I put a lot of hours and effort into class blogs and wikis that languished after the semester ended.  This site is too good to suffer a similar fate!


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